True Beauty Comes From Being Yourself

“Be like everyone else,” everyone used to say. “Be the same because it is what people want.”
This has to stop. Telling everyone to be the same is the equivalent of telling all of your kitchen accessories to be televisions. And what does the “same” mean? Ask the advertisements for soft drinks and candy being consumed by young and fit people, while behind the camera stands multiple people of multiple sizes.

No matter how much you try to sell this concept and no matter how many people believe that they are part of a compact, normal society, no one is. There is no such thing as normal because there is no true definition of normal. Normal is a word backed by society who manipulates all of us into thinking that the word can be defined as not unattractive in any physical or psychological way. Normal is an opinion that defines no person, place, or thing. It is merely an idea.

Over the last handful of years, advertisers have picked up on the “unique” trend that has been coming about. And now, instead of persuading viewers towards sameness, they are persuading them towards uniqueness. That is fantastic, if that were the case, but it is not. Rather than rethinking selling tactics and original ideas, advertisers have just replaced the word “same” and its synonyms with “unique” and its synonyms. Do you see what they did there? They are telling the whole world to be different in the exact “SAME” way. This is preposterous! This is an outrage!

This is capitalism.

Everyone has a goal in life. Some want to be at the top of a company that sucks money from people. If that is your dream, then congratulations. But if it is not, PLEASE do not let anyone (no matter how close you are to them) try to tell you that who you are is not good enough. PLEASE do not let anyone try to tell you how to act or what to say or what to wear or what to photograph or write or draw or paint or perform. Our “gut” feeling is always our best guide. Embrace that there is no one else exactly like you on this drowning planet. Go down with your ship because trying to impress others will never persuade them to save you. Only you can save you. True beauty comes from just being exactly who you want to be.

Pouring Trauma Steadily Down

A weight on my shoulders, chest, and ankles, but never a regret, for my trauma has taught me how to be strong.

A curse, but never a weakness, for my trauma has taught me how to teach myself.

A struggle, but never a setback, for my trauma has taught me how to keep moving (and even if I sometimes feel like I’m moving backwards, moving is still progress because bringing myself out of this emotional paralysis is next to impossible).

A hovering shadow whispering in my ear about all of the reasons why I’ll be alone forever, but never a fear, for my trauma has taught me to enjoy solitude.


When I read about the passing away of Amy Bleuel, I was overwhelmed with various emotions; The first was an empathetic sense of relief for a human that was brave enough to share her story with the world and begin a project that has saved my life and helped millions of others. I then felt rushes of emotional pain and exhaustion, for battling a battle this tough is so straining on the heartstrings and debilitating for the drained brain. At last, a wave of gratitude and pride swept over me for beautiful Amy, for it’s never about the number of years that make your life count, but what you fill those years up with.

So thank you, Amy. Thank you for taking a form of communication that has hurt so many with it’s conforming tactics and using it to help break a stigma and inspire hope around the world. Thank you for reassuring me with the realization that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it does not matter how short or long that tunnel is. All that matters is that there IS a light and you can fight your way through the dark to reach it, and if you don’t quite make it, that does not give you or anyone the right to deem your journey a failure.

Thank you so much for your heroism, Amy. Rest well. You deserve it; 💙

Anxious Alliteration

Eating early always anticipates
wishing wells to taunt
fickle frolickers towards their
luring lusciousness –
Pure, patient, but barely
home, hollow darkness dwells
underground – unconventional,
Yet year-round,
inconveniently inspired
risk-taking roamers bury below
subsequent solace,
curiously considerate

Of All Things

I promise myself every day that I will not become you

I will not lose track of time 

And deny the truth so I don’t have to face the fact that I’m an unfaithful, hateful, violent 

Abuser of all things and all places;

To hear no sounds and see no traces 

Must have been hard to get used to

But you make it look so easy,

And every time my space is invaded by anyone, no matter how innocent, I grow queasy – uneasy,

And I think I am walking away,

But I am not 

And I think that it’s tears that drip down my shirt,

But it is sweat,

And suddenly I am suffocating 

Because every breath leads to punishment;

You made sure I knew to

Always look afraid

Because looking like I could handle yourself

Was a challenge,

Which you never took lightly

Words of Warmth

​There has to be a way that we can achieve the skill of giving,
For more than the reason being
Just to look good
It does feel good, doesn’t it?
Not because it looks good,
But because it feels warm;
The sun can burn us to a dark crisp in the summer months,
But that does not mean
That we should fear the warmth
That comes with kindness;