Old Faithful

Today, I am a geyser on the brink of eruption;
I may erupt tomorrow,
But that isn’t a means to assume anything,
For you know just as little as I
About how geysers work;
The scary thing about beings like us
Is that we cannot be predicted,
But isn’t that the beauty of life anyways?
Aren’t we all just wondering, wandering geysers?
Not all of us are active or crazy or even stir-crazy,
But what does that say about us?

All that matters about who we are is our intentions
And our successes,
But failures pull like the gravity that keeps us from flying –
The gravity that makes us feel like we should stop trying,
Because in the end, we will all lay dying,
And gravity will always win,
But the failures cannot restrict this stream –
Strong and unsteady,
I wait too long to burst, but I’m always ready
Because failures,
Like gravity,
Never stop trying,
But wait until you see me match that;
More unpredictable than others want you to think;
A planned life is a boring life,
But I will stay faithful to everything
Until it kills me,
But I swear that when I die,
I will fly, and prove the failures wrong;

All that matters about who we are is our intentions
And our successes,
No matter how faint they may seem,
After all,
We are all just tiny reflections off of a glass pane that we seem to think is the universe;

So will you come and wait around and hope for me to burst?
It may seem a little scary at first,
But boy, is it a sight to see;

There is so much you still have to learn;
There is so much we still have to learn;


2 thoughts on “Old Faithful

  1. Kristina this is beautiful! I love your attitude towards life! I believe life is to be lived. Our so called mistakes are invitations to risk more! The world would be so much better if we all risked making more mistakes! Blessings to you from Taos New Mexico where I am learning to a Life Coach. I hope through Deep Coaching I will help others to find the same joy in life that you describe in your poem. So glad to know you Kristina! You are a inspiration to me. Blessings
    Roland ☺

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