​Have you ever met someone
Whose tragedies fit yours like a grand puzzle,
Whose never been through what you went through,
But understands
And all he needs do is to touch your hand
And your tragedies will fall,
Like a grand chandelier from a ceiling so tall,
To the ground and shatter,
And all of your traumas are mixed together
In broken pieces,
While you admire them from above,
And you no longer need tape,
You no longer dream of glue,
Because he is touching your hand;
Do you understand?

Have you ever met someone
Whose eyes fill all the empty spaces of your soul,
And whose arms fill all the empty space around you,
Whose arms are the glue,
Whose arms are the puzzle pieces you have been feeling under couches for,
Who has been right in front of you for months,
Sitting at a table, wondering
If you’re tragic too,
But now it’s grand
Do you understand?


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