Empty Houses

We wonder why we are worth anything sometimes – why anyone takes interest. What makes me deserve this life? This is a question that we will all ask ourselves at one point in our lives, or several. However, there will come an epiphany, whether it be through a mental realization or inside of the arms of an individual. We will open a window in our minds that has not yet been touched. Sometimes it takes another special someone to do it for us, but once that window is open, we feel relief. We feel important. We feel loved. We need this person. And sometimes we will do stupid things to keep him or her. Sometimes we will do stupid things to push him or her away, out of fear. Opening this window will not always welcome sunshine. The sunlight does burn, and sometimes we must learn in the hardest way that the burns will damage us, but we will heal.

Adapting to the sunlight has never been easy for me. My window is too big, and too many demons disguised as love have come straight through. But I can promise you that if any of this makes sense, you need to find hope somehow. Every burn will make you stronger, and every burn will make it easier to recognize love when it is real. This is my biggest problem. This is where I am. I have found it. Keeping it is what I struggle with because my fear takes the wheel and drives me down a road with empty houses – a road that no one else wants to go on, especially you. We cannot let our fear take the wheel. It’s funny because I have other things in my life that I should logically and legitimately be afraid of, but I’m afraid of my own actions that I can’t control and these feelings that I have never experienced that I can’t control either.

But all we can do when we want to take flight is fold in our wings and stand a little taller. We have a backbone, and no matter how tired or broken or scarred it may be, there will always be strength to continue. Fear cannot have strength. Only we were born with strength.


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