I feel more and more distraught every time I see posts about the Brock Turner rape case and how people are dismissing it like it’s just everyday media. Sexual assault happens everywhere around the world and is hardly considered a crime.

Why? Because it’s usually “he said” vs “she said” and the worst part is, is that it doesn’t matter how many witnesses there are or how conscious the victim is, the case will be dismissed because no one wants to process the fact that being taken advantage of sexually is the most vulnerable and scarring experience that anyone can face.

This is the biased opinion of a victim of sexual assault.

I don’t care how true or untrue the story is. Picking apart whether or not something happened that you have no proof of is besides the point. He was found guilty so it doesn’t matter. What matters is the story, true or false, exaggerated or not. NO ONE WANTS TO ADMIT THE REALISTIC POSSIBILITY THAT RAPE HAPPENS.

And there are two sides to this whole matter: Many people ask, “Well if you
were being sexually abused, why didn’t you speak up?” My response would be, “Well no one wants to listen. No one believes me.”
“Sure they do. You have plenty of people who will support you.”

I’m 4 asking for help and they think I do it for attention. I’m 5 asking for help and they think I do it for attention. Add 10 more years to that.

Now this woman is a fully grown adult and people think she is doing it for attention.

Now people are starting to speak up about it and everyone is denying that it actually happened when they weren’t even there.

Why one earth would I say that someone sexually assaulted me when they didn’t? It’s hard enough for me to talk about it when it’s actually happened to me. It’s an uncomfortable subject and for the Stanford survivor and every other survivor who has spoken up, I applaud you. Make the media. Make society face what they have been trying to keep tucked underneath their blood-stained pillowcases.

And if you’ve read this far, thank you. Because I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing the word rape and sexual assault, but imagine if it happened to you. WOW. Imagine that.

Imagine having to live with ptsd for the rest of your life, and getting into the shower and feeling vulnerable and terrified every single day. Just a shower.

If I was unconscious, I wouldn’t want anyone (even the person I loved) to be screwing me, so I don’t understand how people could possibly side with a sick fuck.

This girl is going to go everywhere and deal with the fact that she’s the “raped girl” and that is going to affect her for a long time. And if she was lying, then that’s what she gets. But I see her as an inspiration. I wish I had the balls to talk about it so publicly. This is as public as my confessions will get.

The truth of the story is not what matters. He was found guilty. It’s already been decided. It’s the fact that 6 months in prison is unfair to this victim of rape. It’s the fact that there were two witnesses and people still deny it happened. It’s the fact that so many Americans side with a sexist, racist oaf as a presidential candidate and they will side with this rapist because he was once a good student and “20 minutes of action” shouldn’t qualify as rape.

I hope none of you come to understand what it is like to be sexually assaulted. I wish you a peace of mind. And thank you for reading the longest rant I have ever written, the longest blog I have ever written, and the most personally upsetting post I have ever written.


12 thoughts on “The Biased Opinion of a Victim

  1. Thanks Kristina for speaking out against rape! It takes courage to speak out. While you may not being doing it on tv, but you are reaching many people through your blog. I will send it on to others through my own blog. We have the same issues in Canada. A famous radio host in Canada who had a very popular show on our national radio network, CBC, was charged with the abuse of many women. He still got away with it. We need to change our laws to address this blight on our world. Too often lawyers will put the women on trial by trying to show that she can not be trusted. I have many women friends and I know that many of them have faced shome sort sexual abuse in their life. Men get abused too, but in different ways. We need to make sexual violence taboo just as we have been making drinking and driving taboo. It is when we all speak out women and men we can change this. Thank you for your gutsy blog!


    1. Wow, I would really appreciate that! And that’s unfortunate that he got away with that): I also feel that men don’t even have a chance to charge women of rape because it’s stigmatized as impossible to rape a man. I 100% believe that the criminal should do time, whether it’s a man or woman, no matter what race.
      Thank you for such a great comment! Ira wonderful to have support! ❤

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  2. Whenever I read articles reporting letters writing by the ones supporting Brock Turner I literally want to take my computer and smash it against the wall. It is really sick and disturbing that people are making excuses for him because he is white, rich and a student athlete from Stanford. It does not matter what your race, class or gender is; if you commit a horrendous crime such as rape you must be severely punished for it. You must face the maximum sentence in prison. 3 months in jail plus protective custody is not punishment for committing rape. This punishment that the US court gave Brock does not teach him what he did was very wrong. It does not teach him that he is a rapist. My thoughts are with the victim. I hope that she will be able to heal from this. I also hope the outrage from this case will put the wheels in motion to society creating more tougher and serious laws regarding sexual assault and violence against women. People like Brock Turner should never get a slap on the wrist. No one should get away with committing a vile crime such as rape.

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  3. Takes great courage to speak as openly as you do on such a difficult subject. I agree with you when you say that these cases are often brushed under the carpet, it’s definitely something that goes on, which we don’t like to admit. It must be so much more common than we are led to believe. Anyway, well done for writing so honestly, there’s a lot of people out there that need to hear these viewpoints.

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