Some Wise Words From Buddha


This really comes in handy for me this week and this is how I perceive this quote:

Thinking negatively will result in a negative attitude. That much is obvious. And I get it, thinking positively seems like too much effort or even a waste of time because being optimistic is impossible. I feel that. I really do. And having an optimistic attitude when you don’t actually feel optimistic is difficult because you feel like you’re kidding yourself; you feel like you’re lying to those around you when you tell them that you’re alright.

But if you can go days on end feeding off of one negative occurrence that consumed 10 seconds of your day, then why can’t you feed off of one positive occurrence? Feeling appreciative for one positive thing every day is the only thing that keeps me going. Yeah, the depression wiggles it’s way through the thin layer of happiness I took days and sometimes weeks to create, but the best part about having depression is knowing when the darkness is returning. A lot of the time, it strikes out of nowhere, but you’re always expecting it. And that makes it easier to appreciate happiness when it strikes because that is never expected. But being happy for others, to make them happy, will result in you seeing happiness strike more frequently.  And that is a glorious thing.

Imagine a happy individual-one that you don’t know, one that doesn’t exist.  It’s difficult isn’t it? Happiness is not the way someone looks or sounds. Happiness is the result of action. Imagining that you’re happy is very difficult for some, but for others who do not want anyone to see their darkness, it is quite easy. You’re not kidding yourself. You’re not lying to anyone. Why? Because you do not want your darkness to reflect upon others. Creating happiness in attempts to reflect it is a great feeling when it reaches others. And often times it comes back around.

Now what do you do with the happiness? All I know is that you appreciate the hell out of it. Rip it apart like your darkness does with your bad occurrences. Enjoy it. The light never seems to last as long as the dark, but it can if you become what you think, attract what you feel, and create what you imagine.

But first, you have to start lifting the edges of your mouth. Just like you do for every picture.


2 thoughts on “Some Wise Words From Buddha

  1. Kristina, my mother faced terrible depression. I think many people don’t have any idea of what it is like to be depressed. I have experienced anxiety which is the other end of the continum from depression. I am glad you use your gift of writing to help you express your self. I like the term joy because one can not be happy and still find joy in their lives knowing they are on the right track. Blessings on your week.

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