Life is the Journey Through the Storm

So I have been staring at a computer screen for 11 hours, trying to study for my test, and resisting the urge to write. When I finished my test, I picked something and rolled with it without any revision because it felt good to get it out, but I’m sick of looking at this screen, and I feel like this piece makes absolutely no sense. I got lost in another one of my metaphors (what a surprise).

I just wanted to write something refreshing and freeing. I figured the ocean would be a good word to work around. OK Enough meaningless words. Thank you for reading

Even if it’s terrible, I hope it inspires you.

Washed in the waves
Brushed in between the Braille
That he cannot make out
Because he cannot feel anything;
The numbness has set in
And all he wants to do is learn,
But we cannot embrace the waves
Until we realize that they clean-
Until we realize that the nausea strengthens us-
Until we realize that getting caught in the storm
Has nothing to do with being half of the battle of life;
It is the waves that move us across the water
A calm sea does not maneuver a still boat;
When I am still, and I lose my oars,
I pray for the storm to push me;
Getting caught in the storm is not a battle,
But our lives are boats
Upon the sea,
And those who cannot feel the Braille
May not feel the waves;
They may not feel the struggle,
But what story about a still boat
Upon a silent sea
Would be worth telling?


2 thoughts on “Life is the Journey Through the Storm

  1. Kristina while the situation of our lives are different, I sense we are both in the place of transformation which is never easy work. This work while hard it brings me hope. Please know that you are not alone. I appreciate your poetry because it speaks so powerfully to my life. Blessings to you in the adventures of life!☺

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