Liebster Award

Thank you, M_McKeen, for this nomination! I feel honored to receive such wonderful support from such a wonderful writer! I always look forward to reading M_McKeen’s posts as they are very expressive and open and deep. Here are his questions:

  • What do you enjoy most about blogging?

I really enjoy the support that I receive from people around the world. It is very comforting and reassuring to know that my words are appreciated.

  • What are you most afraid of?

I am terrified of the possibility that I may not succeed in achieving the dreams I’ve had for my future since I was a child. I want to change the world and I am terrified that I may not be able to.

  • How would you describe your paradise?

My paradise would definitely look green and open – somewhere peaceful.

  • Do your friends and family know you blog?

Some friends know, but I don’t think that they have looked at it. My family does not know.

  • What’s the one thing you wish you could write about, but you don’t feel comfortable actually writing about?

The details of my childhood that I feel is too gruesome to share. I wouldn’t want anyone to have to picture the experiences I had as a child.

  • What’s your biggest ambition in life?

My biggest ambition is to change the lives of many people and bring hope to a world that seems to have lost its way.

  • If you’re having a bad day what cheers you up?

Writing and the show, FRIENDS, always cheer me up on a bad day.

  • Can money buy happiness?

No it cannot, but it would be much less stressful to be able to afford my own living space. I wouldn’t trade anything for money, though. I am grateful for everything I have been given and have worked for.

  • What is your favorite meal to cook?


  • What quality do you most appreciate in yourself?

My determination

  • Do you have a favorite post that you have written?

I think my favorite post is a recent one, titled, Embrace. It just flowed out of my head and onto paper in seconds. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it after I wrote it.


Here are my questions:

  1. Where were you when you wrote down your first thought or poem?

2. Did anyone encourage you to begin blogging or did you want to on your own?

3. What did you feel when you first created your site?

4. Is this your only blogging site? If not, what are your other ones?

5. If you had to, what animal would you write about?

6. Do you have a preferred way of writing? (computer, laptop, journal)

7. What book or show or film has inspired you to write the most?

8. Do you have anyone that you write for, that you want to see your posts, but are afraid to show them?

9. What activity helps you decompress after a rough day?

10. How often do you access WordPress?


Here are my nominees:



The Captain’s Speech

The Tony Burgess Blog

Beautiful Illusions




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