A Motivational Quote and Some Thoughts About It


This is one of my favorite Hemingway quotes. It brings up the point that not all of those who suffer let others know they are suffering. We all have experienced moments of suffering and everyone handles these memories in their own ways. Let’s respect that.

I suffer silently every day from chronic pain. If my back and knees aren’t in excruciating pain, my head is pounding. Until I created this blog, I suffered silently with my depression hugging me, and when suicidal thoughts began to feel more and more threatening, I decided to open up a little, out of fear.

The thought of wanting to take my own life startles me all the time, but ever since I began writing and exercising every day, I have been able to file those thoughts away. That’s not to say that I’m no longer depressed. Sometimes I feel as if I hurt more because I’m trying to accept my feelings, rather than choke them down like I always have been.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that if you are a silent sufferer, you don’t have to open up if you don’t want to, but it might make you feel better. You never know until you try.
What I do know is that silent suffering will consume you. You can exercise or write up a storm (like I’m doing now) or do whatever decompresses you, but just know that you are brave. You are not forgotten. I thought I was until I spoke up and was surprised at the support I received from unexpected sources.
You are loved. Not everyone expresses that, and maybe that’s for the same reason that you suffer silently. Believe. Stay strong ❤


7 thoughts on “A Motivational Quote and Some Thoughts About It

  1. You are right, that staying silent will only increase our suffering ten-fold. It’s amazing where the support can come from and sometimes we figure out it was right in front of us all along. Such a wonderful post!

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