This week was difficult in many ways and for many reasons, but one of the best parts of life is taking a second to look down after struggling to climb to the top, and realizing that what you overcame was YOUR victory. The only person who needs to understand that is you and no one’s opinion will ever be relevant because no one besides you could have made it through such a war.

Embrace your strength. Search endlessly for proof that you deserve to be on this Earth. If you don’t think any exists, take a deep breath – That is all the reason to keep living. Every breath that you take in is a gift. You are a gift.



2 thoughts on “Embrace

  1. You are so right. We have to be proud of our victories no matter how big or small. We should not compare our victories to others’ because what may be no big deal for one person can be a huge deal to another.
    Overall, your blog is very inspiring, and I can relate to it very much.

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