Today is a very significant day for a significant amount of unrecognized people who are stigmatized and stereotyped as weak, pathetic, worthless nobodies. This needs to change. Depression is not a word to be tossed around. PTSD is not specific to veterans. Anxiety does not correlate with insanity. We all have our struggles.

So DO NOT pretend to hide yours, while you point your finger at others. Put that gun and your other three fingers and your thumb back in your pocket because everyone experiences life differently.
Every piece of art had to start from nothing.
Don’t ever feel ashamed to be a bit more detailed than the stick figures drawn beside you.

If you feel this reaches out to you, you are a beautiful, irreplaceable, significant work of art and you should be proud for coming this far. The best part about this becoming harder to handle every year is the strength that you realize that you have for making it this far. Every moment of life is a battle. Don’t forfeit now. Don’t forfeit ever.

reconstruct; recreate; reiterate; reiterate;



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