Conceal – Daily Prompt

We all have worn down hearts,
Tattered hands,
Bruised minds-
All buried and confined
Beneath bones, skin, and garments;

We give in to garments,
And take to trends
And fall for fashion,
In fear of revealing
Everything that we conceal

And I can see
That you are a diamond
Beneath those tattered clothes;
Why, people glance
Everywhere you go-
They stare-
Because you cannot camouflage;

Honey, you were destined to be the ringer-
The one to give us all away
But that’s ok
Because you will never lose a day,
While these dolls
And action figures lose years,
Lose lives-
Lose purpose;

While your purpose may be mocked,
At least you’re brave enough
To carve it for the world to see.


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