Twisted Knots

While words knock on the spirits’ door, they holler back with knives and gore;
minutes later, the screams had ceased;
while last words dripped right from the lips of the poor victim’s core, the spirits shouted, evermore.
And these spirits do this, but drift away,
only to return the next day;
devouring the soul of that pour victim’s body,
jabbing it’s neck,
while its dead head lays nodding.
This poor man lived a life of frauding,
and he was bound to pay to the price.

What is the price of one bad man’s soul? When so many criminals go on living; so many frauds; so many killers, pedophiles, and thieves. How many good souls can one bad man deceive?

Does that change the price of that man’s fate? Does that mean that he gets more on his plate? We are all people, mixed with good and bad technicalities.
It all just depends on each of our personalities.
Some of us were born with an abnormal mixture;
some were born right, but had an abnormal fixture.
And while the innocent stand to watch, the bad ones take lives and turn up the notch.
These knots that are twisted in society’s luscious hair
will be cut by the anarchists who dare
show that they care
about what society turns out to be – and they know it’s not a beautiful stature of a woman with a fantastic body.
Those knots make the hair look full and complete,
but when it’s cut and the costume is torn,
world’s transformation will be complete.
The conformists will see their defeat
while the anarchists display their fame to the universe.


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