We don’t always want to ask,
But we always want it.
It’s a denial that we are
All accustomed to having.
We can’t always have it
In its prestige form,
But it will always come to us
When we are in most diar need of it.
Whether we find it within ourselves,
Or it comes
In the gift of a particular soul,
It will always be provided.

Like the sun and the moon,
We will always change,
And it cannot be seen over the course of a day,
But help will always be provided,
We will be warmed,
Even when we don’t want to be,
We are convinced that we don’t like the sun,
But we don’t even realize how much
We truly need it,
To raise more than just our body temperatures –
To raise our spirits,
And to help us embrace the cold,
The moon,
And it’s mysterious ways.



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