My heart does cartwheels
When he comes around –
Losing care of falling to the ground.
I already await the pain –
Numb nerves and bruised bones
May be torturous,
But it is a treat
To not feel traumatized
Everything else is cartwheels and pinwheels.

Photo by Kristina Cox

4 thoughts on “Cartwheels and Pinwheels – Daily Prompt

  1. Enjoyed your poem but I am still fascinated with your photo. A quick glance reminded me of hairs in a curl looking through the center. I know it is not but with your help I will have a different thought. Yes, you guessed it, I am not close to being a poet.

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    1. oh interesting take on the photo! It is actually a long exposure of a sparked cable spinning in a circle. I remember the experiment reminding me of a spinning pinwheel when I took the photo because of the motion my friend was rotating the cable in.
      And I don’t think that at all! (:

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