Word Vomitting a Ton of Metaphors

Last year, I learned that I am not a broken thing, or a freezer full of apologies, awaiting to be defrosted.

This year, I realized my true worth and it has given me so much power and the sky seems so close, now, that I can almost touch it and my dreams feel as real as the water that runs between my fingers.

This year I realized that all of my scars are not like painful memories, but more like patches on a quilt and no quilt is like my quilt.

This year, I have found my voice. I learned that it is possible to love yourself and my journey can finally begin.

No one can fix you, but yourself. Sure, you may have a shitty stereo and decaying paint, but if you are a car that cannot start, you cannot expect another car to start you. Only you can fix your ability to move – to change. 


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