Wordsmith Observations

You know what every writer hates more than anything in the world?

That’s right.

Luke Bryan.

Ha! Just kidding. Writers hate writer’s block. Luke Bryan is just a close second.

*Luke Bryan fans, you can’t be mad. I don’t like him, but I can still like you!

Well, anyway. Yes..onto writer’s block. Writers block is the name of a very devilish little thing that strikes us sometimes when we crave writing the most. You want to write a piece, but you don’t know the subject to focus on, you don’t know how to start, you don’t know how to finish. You just-don’t know.

I always find that when I go long periods of time without writing (just as I’ve been doing with this blog recently), I have so much that I wish to speak of that I almost have no idea where to start. Especially when…

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